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The Bookstore Metaphor

New Ideas at Galley City—Same Great Site

Read Half—Try Buy Hello, dear readers. I'm your author, Jean-Thomas Cullen (John T. Cullen, John Argo) announcing a significant shift in reading policies at Galley City. This affects only books at this time, not short stories nor poetry collections.

Amazon Safe to Buy. Clocktower Books has been an Amazon affiliate since the late 1990s. You can safely buy any book or story from Amazon (e-book or p-book) without muss, fuss, or worry.

What's New? Think about it. You walk into the bookstore (free). You sit and read all day (free). You walk out with a book and don't pay (really bad idea).

So we're shifting metaphors here, and it's entirely painless. You walk into the bookstore (free). You sit and read all day (free). So far so good…

The difference is: you read about half of a novel free, which is plenty to either interest you or not. If you like what you're reading, and you want to know how it ends ("try buy") you buy the whole book. The e-book costs like a cup of coffee at the mall. The print book costs about like a sandwich and a drink. Doesn't hurt a bit. The sandwich and coffee are gone in a few minutes, but the book stays with you forever. I think it's a great deal for everyone—including your struggling author, who needs to buy himself a coffee and sandwich to stay alive so he can write the next exciting book to deliver to your virtual doorway. And he needs to feed the help (kibble, etc).

Economics 101. The Bookstore Metaphor is our governing principle here at Galley City. Originally, the idea was that you walk in (free). You sit all day and read (free). If you like something, you'll buy it. That last part hasn't quite worked out so well, unlike at the brick & mortar bookstores (which are struggling to say the least). This is the same struggle most online content sites are having, including big media outlets like The Guardian (UK) etc. So we're not alone, and you'll surely understand. We're not asking for donations or free gifts—we ask that you buy whatever story you may be enjoying, or try another story until you find what you like. It's all painless and common sense.

Feef and Fred Suggested the Change

They Want Their Kibble!

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