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click to find your shortsWelcome to Galley City. Clocktower Books, a pioneer global Internet and digital publisher in San Diego since 1996, has rolled out its innovative new ARC program. You'll find our staff busily at work, including Galley Kitty and Galley Dog (on their break at the moment—see below). Read all about the new Bookstore Metaphor, but mostly read over a million words of entertaining fiction by yours truly, writing across several genres of historical, thriller, SFFH, and political fiction. See The Bookstore Metaphor at lower right of this page.

Note From Galley Dog: BARC Program

click to open nonfiction page click to open nonfiction page NEW: NONFICTION Starting August 2020 (the Vision Year), a few very special nonfiction works are now readable here (initially: the whole book free). These are what I call my SHIPS (Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight) nonfiction works including EXOGRAVITATION, a new twist in cosmology; SATOR ENIGMA, ancient Roman cryptogram finally solved; and at least two more History works coming soon. [JTC]

Key Helpers at Galley City:

Galley Kitty

Galley Dog

Meet Galley Kitty and Galley Dog, both tuckered out from reading. Who would naturally be a hero at Galley City? Why, Galley Kitty of course… and trusty Galley Dog. More from these and other furry friends soon! (Furry, fuzzy, fluffy, friendly… the list goes on.)

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Start Reading: Today's Featured panoramic historical novel (a love story like Herman Wouk's Winds of War or Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago)This rich website offers 34+ novels, along with many shorter works plus poetry, all written by yours truly over many years, beginning early teenage & after. Short stories and poetry free. Novels: read half free/buy whole. It's the Bookstore Metaphor. Also: Read-a-Latte. For the price of a coffee, you can own the e-book forever. Like a fast food sandwich, the print book is yours. It's totally safe and painless and delivers hours of reading enjoyment. Please be kind and leave a positive review.

Readers often tell me they start reading my work and simply cannot stop. One of the most hilarious stories happened when I took my suspense thriller Neon Blue to a copy shop years ago. When I came back next day, there was the original plus the copy on the counter. The lady told me: "I hate you!" I must have looked stunned. She told me: "I was making copies by hand, one page at a time, and started reading. I couldn't stop, and took it home. I stayed up all night reading, and I'm dead tired today. I hate you." She paused a second, then added: "Do you have another one? I can't wait to start reading more of your work!" That's a true story. That sort of thing has happened to me many times. Maybe you'll be the next tired but un/happy reader.

Back in 1996 when I launched the first true online HTML novels (proprietary, not public domain; online, not on portable media e.g. floppies; see full "criteria), I had avid readers e-mailing me praises from all around the world. Today, I am already reaching far more readers all around the world with this new project. Please remember: all of it is copyright registered intellectual property. Tell your friends, post links online that will help SEO, and if you like a story, why not reward the author & buy a copy (a cuppa?) for the price of a latte. Many thanks—happy reading!


Go to List: read-a-latte - over a million words here at Galley City - try/buy read half free, buy the whole for the price of a cup of coffee

NEW: Paris Novels by JTC

The Bookstore Metaphor

Bookstore Metaphor:* Read half of each title free at Galley City, buy safe & secure at Amazon. Caffeine Books: You can also enjoy great reviews and historical background info - been pioneering online since 1996.

HTML NOVELS 1996+ Clocktower Books pioneered free reading online (HTML Novels) starting in 1996 (see the Clocktower Books Museum Site for more info). First there were p-books, then e-books, and here we have HTML Novels. It's the Bookstore Metaphor: you come in (free) and sit all day (free) reading. You get to read half of any book. If you're interested and want to learn how it all turns out, you buy the book safely and securely through Amazon for the price of a cup of coffee. Please help by giving a positive review at Amazon/Good Reads/B&N/etc, tell your friends, post on social media, or give a copy to a friend. Or, if you didn't like it, return for a refund (painless), and we all move on; no fuss, no muss. It's all good. We're in laid-back San Diego with sunshine, balmy breezes, palm trees, and rustling ocean surf; less stress, no mess, God Bless, and YES!!!.

Three books about the Notorious 1892 True Crime and Famous Ghost Legend at the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego

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San Diego skyline night view from Coronado Island across the Bay

Over a quarter century+, Clocktower Books has dabbled in cool experimental areas, like releasing a handful of steamy, tasteful literary erotica novels by our authors. Here's a Bookstore Metaphor link.

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